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New Biology for Neurology


What are our aims?

Cogmotos is a clinical-stage company bringing new, de-risked approaches to high-impact neurological diseases. The first target is postoperative delirium (POD), defined as delirium during the first week after surgery. This is a common complication, afflicting about 25% of the 5.5 million patients over 65 undergoing surgery each year. These 1.4 million patients are 4 times as likely to be admitted to the ICU, are 70% more likely to return to the hospital within one year, and are at increased risk of death within 6 months. This is a critically unmet need, with no approved drugs and virtually nothing in clinical trials.

Cogmotos uses intranasal, direct-to-brain drug delivery, making entire classes of drugs viable for the first time for neurological disease. Its proprietary (inlicensed) delivery technology has been successful in five Alzheimer’s trials and a pilot study in Parkinson’s - all using insulin. Cogmotos has a US patent covering its treatment for POD and related disorders. Other investigators (using different delivery technology) have published three placebo-controlled studies (one in the US, two in China) with intranasal insulin for prevention of POD; all reduced incidence of POD by at least 50% vs. placebo. Cogmotos’ delivery technology is highly consistent with rapid commercialization and easy consumer use: Unlike the device used in other POD studies, the Cogmotos device requires 1 minute rather than 5 – 10 minutes for dosing – and does not need a second person for administration.

Cogmotos is dedicated to conducting thorough clinical trials and collaborating with leading research institutions to gather strong evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of our approach. Much of the earlier intranasal-insulin clinical research with our device has been at solid academic medical centers, including the University of Washington, Leiden University and Harvard. Cogmotos is an ambitious organization of experienced scientists and executives, committed to revolutionizing the treatment of high-impact neurological diseases, starting with postoperative delirium. Along with making new classes of neurology medications possible with direct-to-brain delivery, an important goal is to demonstrate improved patient outcomes and decreased economic burden for critically-underserved patient populations.

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