POD: Pharmacoeconomics

Annual Cost for Patients with Post Operative Delirium

Postoperative delirium not only has significant human costs but also carries a substantial economic burden. Studies have shown that the economic outcomes of delirium and severe delirium after elective surgery rival the per-patient costs associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For instance, the initial inpatient hospital costs of an episode of postoperative delirium were found to be ~$20,327, with yearly cumulative costs of ~$44,291. The total costs to the healthcare system of the annual delirium episodes in the Medicare population were estimated to be ~$32.9 billion.

The economic impact of postoperative delirium goes beyond hospital costs. Patients who experience delirium often require longer hospital stays, leading to increased utilization of healthcare services, such as consultations and diagnostic tests. This further adds to the financial burden on both patients and the healthcare system.

Moreover, postoperative delirium can have long-term effects on patients’ mental and physical function, requiring extended family and caregiver support. This not only affects the quality of life for patients but also adds to the financial costs associated with their care.

At Cogmotos, we recognize the importance of addressing the economic costs of postoperative delirium. We are committed to developing innovative therapies that can help prevent and manage delirium for all surgical patients. By focusing on prevention, we aim to reduce the economic burden of postoperative delirium on patients, families, and healthcare systems.

Our dedicated team of researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to advance the understanding and treatment of postoperative delirium. Through our collaborations with healthcare providers, academic institutions, and government agencies, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients affected by this condition.

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