Direct to the Brain

Kurve intranasal drug delivery platform

Direct to the Brain bypass with Kurve

Our treatment, intranasal insulin, is effective because it is delivered direct-to-brain with a precisely controlled aerosol device. The blood-brain barrier prevents most drugs from getting into the brain. Instead of attempting to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, we circumvent it. We guide medicines past the complex array of barriers in the nasal cavity and deliver them along the route of the olfactory nerves Through the cribriform plate near the front of the skull) into the brain.

The following is from an imaging study with radio-labeled saline with our device, demonstrating passage through the cribriform plate and into the brain.

Clinical Trial Device Platform

The device used in other studies for postoperative delirium uses a multi-step process (attaching and removing needles, etc.) and typically requires a second person to administer the drug, usually a trained medical professional. Our device, licensed from an accomplished drug-delivery engineering group, allows patients to administer the drug to themselves with a simple, one-minute procedure. Our device platform has solid confirmation of effective intranasal-insulin delivery. It has been used successfully with insulin in five Alzheimer’s trials. In all five of those trials, intranasal insulin yielded cognitive improvement versus placebo. In fact, the two most-cited trials for treating neurological disease with intranasal, direct-to-brain drug delivery are with our in-licensed device platform and insulin.

Powerfully Simple Intranasal Drug Delivery

The device is available in a variety of form factors; two are pictured below. First is a version suitable for a marketed product – slightly larger than a standard 8 ml eyedrops bottle.

Here is a form factor suitable for clinical trials. This device accepts a standard 10 ml vial.

In per-reviewed, published clinical trials, the device platform has been used safely in over 200 patients administering intranasal insulin for at least four months.